Four years after she was told she would never walk again, Amy Paradis takes her first steps with the help of a bionic exoskeleton

25 Mar

National Post | News

The first thing Amy Paradis did Monday morning was stand up. Then her lip began to tremble and she cried, and then her Mom and her trainer and everybody else in the room cried. They just broke right down. Sobbing. Heaving. Leaking out tears of crazy joy and wonder and relief and, well, wouldn’t you know it — simply standing on her own two feet and crying her eyes out wasn’t good enough for Amy Paradis.

So she took a step. Then another, and 336 in total over the next several hours, once the tears had dried, so that by the end of it all she was utterly, achingly, mentally and physically exhausted. Too wiped out to even lift her head off the table to speak with me, much, when I called her up in Windsor, N.S., at Footprints SCI-Recovery, the not-for-profit spinal cord recovery centre she co-founded and runs with…

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